~On the Missouri River in Parkville ~
~In English Landing Park ~

Here is a Video made from the Photos on this Page
A little more feeling of being on the River

An Artist's rendering of the Steamboat Arabia
The Arabia is a steamboat which hit a snag and sank in the Missouri River
Near Parkville, Missouri, on September 5, 1856

~ Cruising Down The River ~

The artifacts recovered from the Site are housed in the Arabia Steamboat Museum
In 2015 a Tribute Marker was Dedicated in Parkville across from the Site

My favorite spot on the river, an overlook that I call Smith's Point

Donaldo enjoying Smith's Point

And ME... biking up the boat ramp... No wheelchair yet

The same place on a cold February day... Ice Floes coming from the North

Looking West and then North from English Landing on the Missouri River

And then East and South toward Kansas City from English Landing

Looking East and South again, just below Smith's Point

The view just below Smith's Point from the riverbank

The bank area between the mouth of the creek and the boat ramp is a favorite veiwing and fishing spot

A favorite spot for the kids to toss things in

The Sand Dredge comes up from Riverside, Missouri to dredge here

Sometimes right at the park for a few days and then moves on

Another Barge headed North to Dredge

Coming back with a load of Sand

Las flores en el Banco son Hermosas

Fishing Swimming or What?

Or just Sunbathing?

Just Fishing the easy way

A View from the Bridge

A Picnic on Smith's Point

Enjoying the shade and the view from a bench on the River

A few of the walkers, joggers and bikers on the riverside trail

Another winter view, the water level low but warm enough for an outing

Rush Creek flowing into the Missouri river, still wintertime and low water

The same place, on that cold February day in 2006

View from the Waddell A Frame Bridge spanning Rush Creek

The A Frame Waddell bridge, a popular type of railroad bridge in the past

Given to the City of Parkville to span Rush Creek for the River Trail

This is the normal river level for this time of year

Looking at the trail East and South from Smith's Point

A photo in Parkville about 2000, and a very high water level in the river

In 2004 the 'River Explorer' showed up for a stopover in Parkville

This is the motive power to push the two large Barges

Canadian Geese on the river, seasonally and some stay all year

This family came right on shore as I was watching

But they kept on, looking for goodies on the shore

In 2015 Churchill Clark ~ Great Great Great Great Grandson of William Clark
Visited Parkville in his Dugout Canoe

Clark's Handmade Dugout Canoe

The Dugout Canoe with Cargo

Meeting with Parkville Mayor Nan Johnston

A last look at Winter on the River

~Well Now... That's it for Now! Maybe More Later?~

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