Park Progress
~ This Plan was Postponed ~ A New Platte Landing Park Project is Planned ~
* Proposed Platte Landing Park *

~ This was the Plan as of Sunday April 29, 2007, Progress in the Park ~

Back to the last Progress Report...
The sign shows the present baseball fields to the right
And the new parking area and soccer field to the left
Hey, is that a new boat ramp there?

Clearing the land for the new projects... Wondering why the high berms were there then

Can see the berms better here, maybe they will spread them out after the trees are all out

I always thought this area was being wasted, on the riverfront and just brush filled
The new Sanctuary is in the trees in the background

The new parking lots will be in this area

Another walk in English Landing park... But now the rock rip-rap is all in place
And grass is planted at the top of the creek banks

And a lot of new trees have been planted but the effect will take some time to develop

Smith's Point has a new look, not especially as I would wish

And, the River is way up since the last pics just a little over a week ago

The view South from Smith's Point has been abbreviated quite a bit
That bench is very near the bank edge now

I will keep the new photos here until things settle a bit
Then add some of them to the Park page to show the before and after views

The creek is much more open at the mouth now...
And the South bank shaved down quite a bit

From this view you can see how high the River is now

They almost lost the backstop to one ball field last year
And then started on rock stabilizing Rush Creek

It will be neat in a way but they took out a lot of nice trees

Still working on topping out this section

And on under the bridge and into the Missouri River

Looking back at the Main Street bridge from the A Frame bridge approach

And a view from the center of the bridge

From the other side of the A Frame bridge toward Smith's Point

And they shaved some off the point and we lost a couple trees there
My bench is still there anyway

Looks different now... And that boat ramp is high and dry
Though it looks like they will have a new one at the new soccer field parking area

How many photos do I have from this point?
I will have to add one to my River page when they get all the rocks on

And a last look down the trail showing some of the new lampposts
I will have to get down there some nice night and get some photos with them lit up

~ And More Progress Reports to Come ~

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