~ My Parkville Price Chopper ~
~ One of the McKeever's Newest and Finest ~

~ And Dedicated to Tom in Germany ~

~ A Long Walk Through the Store~

~ You Would Like Bananas? ~

When they demolished the old 'Parkville Heights Shopping Center' to build the new 'Parkville Commons'
They closed the old Apple Market store there and we were without a local store for quite a long time
Finally I received a 'Chopper Shopper' card in the mail and was in the Brand New Store the day it opened
Just overwhelmed how great it was and still is... I am in there almost every day and sometimes several times a day

So, then I was talking to my friend Tom Brock in Germany on IM... and the subject was sausages
I told him we had about every kind you would want at our Price Chopper Market... He said "Show me some pics"
So here they are... and a few more than just sausages... with many thanks to Steve Protzman, manager
For permission to take the Photos

Welcome to Price Chopper by Scott at the Service Counter

An aromatic greeting from the flowers and plants just inside the main entrance

I bought that famous yucca here, that survived the freeze and now is growing wild in my living room

And all that beautiful fruit

Prewashed, packaged cut greens and salads... some organic too here

More fruit, look at those apples... Yes Asia... next time.. apple pie

No bananas today? The Chopper ALWAYS has bananas! And pineapple
I got my pineapple from here and still have the top growing in my living room

Organic? Sure Tom, here is a lot of it... didn't I say so?

And veggies... tomatoes and garlic in the background...
Lettuce, corn on the cob, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers... yeah!

Lotsa tomatoes... are those avacodos next to the garlic? Hah! Guacamole?

More fresh veggies, they have everything

Lessee... orange bell peppers and new red potatoes on the right there?

Some gourmet cheeses and other things here
There are at least three separate cheese displays through the store

One side of the fresh salad bar

Oh, potatoes and onions close at hand there...
Hmmm, baking potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet, white, red and yellow onions

I love this! Sliced deli meats in the deli cases

And every kind of salad you desire, potato salad, pasta salad, bean salad, cole slaw
Name it, it's there...

And the hot serve lunch line, some great stuff there

And down the line, more imported cheeses and fancy deli meats

A large liquor department... Party supplies of all kinds

I needed a few more pics of this department to do it justice

Some of the commercial bakery breads
Several more displays of this but the bagel and buns pics were fuzzy

Yes Tom, they have cakes

And more cakes, custom baked cakes

All kinds of cakes... And pies... and cookies...

This is what I like but not a clear enough picture
The homestyle breads, rolls, buns and all... I like the big kaiser rolls for burgers

A look back at the bakery department, some of it anyway

Some of the fresh fish and seafood... Hard to see...
Yes, they have fresh as well as frozen seafood
Right off the boat... they send me an email with specials

Next to the seafood and meat cases
Several huge freezer cases full of all kinds of frozen meats and goodies

And.. the fresh cut meat cases... A wealth of the bounty of the plains
Give me some of any and all of that! And yes Tom, some of this is organically raised and fed

All kinds of prepared meat and seafood specialties

Here, more of that prime meat, the steaks of many kinds

And more of the ajacent freezer case goodies

And more! some sausage in here too Tom... Bulk, but in packages
And some patties and links too

Here is where I get most of my meat, the prepackaged kind

You just can't beat this selection, especially on those good sale days

And some fresh chicken and turkey in this end of the case

Thanksgiving or not... All year round
Turkeys, ducks, rock Cornish game hens, name it, it's probably in here

Aisle after aisle I didn't take a pic of... See one aisle, you've seen twenty

The large processed meat selection... Any and all kinds of luncheon meat

Juice and juice and juice

OK Tom, the sausage... and hot dogs... and sausage...
Well they have more in other places too

And all that bacon... and more sausage...
And there was more sausage in the prepackaged meat case

And eggs and pie crusts and biscuits... breakfast anyone?

Yogurt? Plenty of yogurt... Plain, flavored, with fruit?

Butter and margerine... What do you need?

Milk, Oh yeah... we got milk... and then some...

And pizza? sure do... all the way from here to way off there!

Domestic cheese... all this and more...

Cheese all the way from here to there

Soda? All kinds and about half a city block of it

Mexican tonight?... Masa tortillas, harina tortillas... and salsa in the ethnic foods aisle

Looking back... and we are barely half way around the outside perimeter of the stocks

Let's see what we can find down this way

Back at the front of the store, the check-outs to the left

Looking back, we were just at the far end in the last pic

The last aisle on the East side, Ice cream and frozen desserts and breakfasts, and juices on the left All kinds of frozen potatoes and veggies to the right

And lots more ice cream

Even more ice cream at the front of the store

Water... bottled, jugged, domestic, imported, lots of water

Sometimes you feel like a nut?
Planters has been running a nice centennial sale lately

Chips? Corn chips, potato chips... Chips chips...

And more chips and other snack goodies...

More soda? Oh yeah, we were at the far end of this aisle earlier

Let's check out... Here's Gwen, the jolliest, most efficient checker there

No customers? Nah, I went in early, later... wall to wall customers

And again, here's Gwen, my favorite checker-outer...

Gwen and Scott, a new Checker trainee

And Louis... fastest sacker in the West!

Louis is part Mexican and knows some Spanish, but not as much as I do

And now... Bye Gwen... I'll be back in a little while...

You are welcome... I couldn't live without my Price Chopper...

~ "Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone"... Yeah, Bet yer Bippy on That's fer Sure! ~

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