~A Walk in the Park~
~English Landing Park, Parkville, Missouri~

Welcome to English Landing Park... Just in time for the Carnival...

The map of the Three Mile Biking/Hiking Trail
You can choose one mile, two miles or the entire three miles

First you cross White Alloe Creek, here trickling in from the Park University grounds
After leaving the Nature Sanctuary, North of the University

On the other side of the entrance road
White Alloe Creek flows on to join Rush Creek and then on to the Missouri River

In this photo a few years back, one of the old picnic shelters showing some age

In 2005 two of these shelters were replaced by newer and better ones

And it looks like some folks from 'The Home' are having an outing at this one

On into the park under the towering cottonwood trees, some about 100 feet tall

Approaching the Waddell A Frame bridge which carries the trail over Rush Creek

On the bridge looking North, Rush Creek flowing South to the River

On the other side of the Bridge where the creek enters the Missouri River

Pato Donaldo getting a run at the little hill up to the bridge

The Round-About in the park, the boat ramp leading off to the left

No bench here when I first saw this spot
One was waiting when I returned to Parkville in 2000
Here a View to the West.. Kansas just across the river

Looking East and South toward Kansas City from Smith's Point

Taking the bike around-about the round-about

Now who could this handsome dude be?

And another pose with Smith's Point in the background

The Gazebo in the park for whatever you need a Gazebo for

I have seen mini-concerts, weddings, church meetings and plain old family picnics
In this useful structure... But they have now painted it white... And I don't like it

The touring Viet Nam Memorial replica Wall stopped in the Park for a few days

A lot of special events begin or end up in the park

Now heading on down the riverfront trail

Only in the worst weather will there be no walkers/joggers/bikers in the park

On nice mornings, a lot of people are on the trail
Traffic was sparse though, on the day I took these pictures

A river tug pushing a couple of empty barges up to the dredge for a refill

Now reaching the spot where Rush Creek flows into the Missouri River

This is the Marker for the turn-around for the Two Mile walk

Now back past the One Mile turn-around marker

Here, the new bandstand and stage built a few years back

This at the River Jam Fest.. one of the many 'Fests' held in the park every year
AND! That just gave me an idea for a River Festival Page!!! Look out again

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