~A Parade in Parkville~
~And then a Carnival~

Always leading off the parade... The Chief of Police...

Then he pulls off to the side to be the Railroad track Monitor I guess

And the American Legion with the honor Guard

It's handy to have the American Legion Hall right
Across the street for refreshment after all that Marching

And you have to have a few old cars and trucks in a Hometown Parade

And a Hearse? Or maybe this is an Emergency Ambulance

The local Funeral Home just a few blocks up the street always brings this Hearse to the Parade

And the fine Hitch of Horses to pull it

And it is mandatory to have a fire truck... or two... or ten... in any Parkville Parade

And a few High School Bands for noise and color

Actually there are no High Schools in the city limits
But the Parkville students attend Park Hill High School (the original) to the North
And Park Hill South High School a few miles East on Hiway 9

And there is the expected rivalry between the two campuses... of course

There is a Parade on the 4th of July but no High School bands because of vacation

So this Parade is at a Fall Riverfest when school is back in session, or soon to be

The Bands stop here, facing East and away from the Announcer's stand
Which is at the foot of the stairway up to Piripos' restaurant... Why this is I don't know

I didn't really notice until this picture...
They are facing nearly two blocks of Main Street downtown
The band in the background and the dancers in front... The announcer is between on the left

They perform one or two numbers there and then march on down the street to the park

Looking back North as they turn and head on down Main Street

Now what does this group do besides wave those banners?

The performance completed, heading on down the hill

And Park Hill High School heading for the park, the end of the parade

But don't leave yet, here comes Park Hill South High School

And they stop in the same place for their performance

Now why didn't I get a picture of Bill Grigsby?... He is Mister Parkville
A long time resident and annual announcer of all the parades here
I got him to say 'Hello' to Momcat... (Yahoo chatter) in Topeka...

Bill Grigsby is a well known and well loved citizen of the Kansas City area
He has worked with the Kansas City Chiefs for 43 years as a Broadcaster, Analyst and Color Man

Now performing for the people on the East Side of the street, what about us back here?

OK, finished and heading on down the hill

Crossing the railroad tracks at the end of the Parade
The BN/SF Railroad stops trains through Parkville for the Parade
But also sends a man to stand guard at the crossing

Across the tracks and the Parade is done

On to the end of the Parade and the Start of the Carnival
And that is the next page project in waiting

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