~ The Parkville Farmer's Market ~

~ Video ~ July 2008 ~

Farmer's Market in Downtown Parkville

Open every Wednesday and Saturday during the season

Mostly the same people in the same areas every week

The Honey people are there every week

Starting in April, at first a lot of radishes, green onions and early greens

The local tomatoes and peppers don't show up til July

The Jam and Jelly lady is there from the first to the last too

The pumpkins and apples start showing up in September

Bill Grigsby on the right, long time Sportscaster for the Kansas City Chiefs

More late season pumpkins and squash

This lady has a lot of everything, nice peppers and eggplant too

And usually the better stuff for the best prices

More late season pumpkins and apples

The Bread Lady is there from start to finish of the season with my favorite, sourdough 'Peasant' bread

Apples and Apples.. Let's make a pie!

I asked this gal if she didn't have any BIG melons

But she said all she had were these little ones

So I bought one and it took me a week to eat it all

One of the nicest guys there... Has the first tomatoes, grows them inside

The later ones he grows out in the open, always great looking tomatoes

The latest photo, September 2007, beginning the fall season again

From Mid April to Mid October... Now only a couple weeks left...

~ From April to October... All Those Goodies! ~

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