~A Carnival in Parkville~
~And then a Riverfest Next!~

~ Some Carnival Music? ~

After the Parade... on into the Carnival

These pics were from several different Carnivals in the park
But it seems it's always the same rides

For the 4th of July event, the midway runs down lower Main Street

This was a rainy start for this day...
Some sprinkles but the Parade was not rained out

And it seems that we almost always have the same group of Vendors for every event

A sparse crowd on this misty morning

And watch out for the puddles... A pretty good rain earlier in the morning

This time part of the Carnival was located
In one of the baseball fields at the West end of the Park

Despite the weather the crowd picked up as the sky brightened some

A different Carnival day
This time most of the rides were in the Parking lot area of the Farmer's Market

It looks like I came too early in the morning... No one showed up yet

Back on the rainy day again... Or they moved the Ferris Wheel
This one looks a bit smaller though

I really wanted to get some pics at night, but always come up with some excuse
It's too hot.. It's too late.... I'm too tired...

But most of the action is after dark
The lights, the music and the large crowds

WOW! Were there that many Ferris Wheels there?
Or do I just like to take a lot of pictures of them?

But there is always room for one more picture
I bet the Operators would sure like to have more riders on this one

A brighter day and the Carousel is in the parking lot instead of the Baseball field

Parking is scarce in Downtown Parkville on a busy day anyway
And even harder to find when they block off the entire Farmer's Market lot
(but I know a good place, just a couple blocks away)

A quiet morning before the Crowd shows up...
Here you can see the Park College Administration building in the far background

The ever popular Carousel, this a smaller one but it is serving the purpose for the kids

Sometimes Mom has to get on and help out

One more ride on the Carousel and then we are off to a Riverfest

~On to the Riverfest! Click Here~

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