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~ The Month of December and the Year of 2018 are Leaving ~

~ The Twelve Days of Christmas ~

~ Saturday, December 15, 2018 ~
~ Nice Sunny and Warm Day ~
~ Ten Days to Christmas ~

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~ And then there were Two ~
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A fair night and up at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday and they are saying a nice Sunny Warm Day... Hooray!
Kind of chilly out there now at 26 Degrees but heading to 54, I can take a lot of that
What's to do Today, no idea yet but one Day I need to bake a couple more Pumpkin Pies
And again I need to bake one of my Superb Christmas Spice Fruit Cakes, oh yes...
I give away samples of that Cake now and then and I have a request for another one this Month

Just checking on Facebook, they had one of my Video 'Memories' posted today
Seems a good Idea to repost it here too, one of my better Christmas Videos.. Yes Ma'am

And then, after my Postings and Puzzles, some work (work?) updating my December Blog Video
Nope that's not work, that is pure enjoyment for me to be creative in my simple humble ways
And then on to another tasty Navru Breakfast of gift goodies from the Fast Stop

10 a.m. and look what's coming in my Office Window, what's all that bright Light anyway
I think it means we are going to have another fine Day away from this usual Wintry Weather

~ What a Wonderful Sight to See ~ On a Chilly December Morn ~

And then time to head out into that Sunshine, I just have to have my Lottos, win or lose
But always hoping for a Win... Is this the Day that Lady Luck will shine on me?
Traded in a $10 Winner, added a $20 Bill, gor Six Tickets, then a $40 Win and a $10 Win
Lady Luck done gave me a $50 Smile, yeah! And Merry Christmas to me!

~ A Nice Early Christmas Present ~

Out of the Price Chopper and over in front of my Bank to get another Photo of the new Ace Hardware
And yes, they did open before Christmas, now what do I need over there?

~ Ace Hardware ~ Open for Business! ~

Into the Afternoon, lined up a few lights on my Christmas Trees out front
A couple were hiding and others too close together, well it was dark and cold when I hooked them up
Then thinking ahead, need to bake a couple Pies and a Cake, need some goodies for that
And then some Apples on the Table, need to make a Pie while they are in fine shape
Off to the Price chopper to get all I was missing, but couldn't find any Apricot Nectar
Have to try some kind of substitute for that, maybe won't be noticable... it's so good anyway

2 p.m. started on my Apple Pie, I got some rolled up Piecrust for that
I got frozen crusts for my Pumpkin Pies I will do later, then got out my Peeler, Corer, Slicer
And started getting the Apples ready for my pie... Then the apples in a pot
I like to precook the Apples a bit so they will be nice and tender after the Pie bakes
Then some Sugar, Cinnamon and Allspice in with the Apples, let them get nice and juicy
And then into the bottom Crust, the top Crust, crimp the edge and into the Oven at 3 p.m.

~ And then ~ An Apple Pie ~

4 p.m. We got Pie! Looks good, now let it cool nicely and maybe try some for the Days Finale at TV time
So, that Pie will last a few Days, what then, bake the Pumpkin Pies for me and Pat
Or Bake that special Christmas Spice FruitCake that everyone that has tasted it... likes a lot?

Well that decision can wait until I get in the mood to bake something again...

And that's all for Saturday Folks...

~ Saturday ~ Nicer Warmer Day ~

~ Friday, December 14, 2018 ~
~ Put the Christmas Lites on my Dwarf Spruce Trees ~
~ Eleven Days to Christmas ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Power Units and Tree Lites Ready ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey Hey, Friday again, what we gonna do this Week End? Hah! You kidding
I guess I need another Hobby but what's left now that I haven't tried? Something easy though
So far this Winter it has just been this Blog and my Kitchen Gardens

Some good news from the TV Weather man, says we have a Week or more of warmer Weather ahead
I can sure use as much of that as they want to throw my way, I just don't like the cold

Feel just a bit of a chill this Morning, what's for Today anyway?
My computer Weatherman says 35 Degrees and Cloudy now, Sunny and 48 later, I guess I can handle that
But at this precise moment I can't think of anything to keep me busy and interested

Oh, just thought of something... Wouldn't take much time though, my Dwarf Spruce Christmas Tree lights?
Wonder where I stashed them? I guess I could hunt them up and hook them up, Huh?

OK, I found them in the Pantry, now we wait until it warms up a bit out front
Then some Sun to charge them up and some Night time to show them off

~ Christmas Tree Lites Ready to Install ~

I set the lites on the Table for a Photo, pointed toward the Kitchen Garden lights
After a few Minutes I went back to flip one Power Unit over and the lights flashed on for a second
So looks like they are eager to light up my Dwarf Spruce Christmas Trees for the Third Year

Buzz Buzz, then a call from Patricia, hadn't heard from her for a while, been busy pre-Christmasing with friends
We had a nice long chat, saying she would visit soon to get caught up with my 'Beat Bobby Flay' recordings
And she hasn't seen my November Blog Video yet, maybe she will watch that boring episode also

'Funny... How time slips away'... When you're having fun, like making that Video Clip

Well made it to 10 a.m. anyway and brighter out there, maybe we will get that Sun
Time for Breakfast, no appetite again but ya got to eat they say, and something good for me?
So how about some Raisin Bran, they say that's healthy for you, tasty anyway

Headed out into that Sunny Day about 11 a.m. for the Price Chopper and my Lottos
Splurged and bought Five $5 Tickets, and back to see what Lady Fortune brought me
Well now, nice, a $10 and #20 Win but that's only a $5 profit, need to do better than that
So, headed out again to the Fast Stop, and saw that the new Ace Hardware was open for Business!
On down the Hill to the Fast Stop, Buenos Dias and Dubra Dien... And cashed in my Tickets
Then a lot of chat with Navru and Customers that wandered in and out, finally headed back
This time only scratched off one $10 Winner from Six Tickets, that sure won't pay the rent

Had warmed up some and still bright Sun, let's go hook up the Spruce Tree Lites
Dug away some pebbles, dug a little hole for the Power Unit stake, mounted the Two of them
Then placed the Lights on the little Spruce Trees, might take some rearrangement later<
So all done with the chores of the Day (What chores?) and on into the Afternoon

Decided to try another T-Day Dinner, still most of that Turkey and Dressing in the Freezer
Set out some of that stuff to thaw and then on to a TV afternoon

5:30 p.m. Took a look out front to see if my Christmas Tree Lites were working, yep, let's get a Photo
Not all lined up just perfect but that will do for a start, just a bit chilly out there
Maybe take another look on Saturday, supposed to be nice and warm around Noon, yes sir...

~ Christmas Tree Lites ~ Ready for Santa ~

And then, my latest T-Day Dinner... Turkey, Dressing, and Cranberry Sauce, and one more Movie
And I will see you again on Saturday...

~ Friday ~ A Busier Day ~

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